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Bring me closer...

...if you dare

can you blame me for being vain?
22 May 1990
i love the colors pink and green
i hate my job but need the money
i loooove my friends and would die without them
the only dvds i watch are either sex and the city or laguna beach
if you piss me off, watch out
if i like you, i love you
if i dont like you...youll know
i love being impulsive and doing crazy things
for some reason i really like the color orange
i dont know anything about computers except how to work facebook
i love thunderstorms, especially at night
i love big cities, and if i could, would always be in one
im not really an animal person, but i want a cat more than anything
i party like its my job
i love putting people in akward situations
i love shopping more than anything in the world
i fawn over designer labels and buy as many as i can
i hate school, but who doesnt?
i love boys
if i could live anywhere it would have to be southern california or napa valley
i love meeting new people
parties are my favorite places to be
i am extremely outgoing
if you dont like me, i really dont have a poroblem with it
i am really ocd about my hair
i absolutely love nicole richie kate moss and victoria beckham
i like being single
when im bored i like to listen to emo music and flip through magazines
i love getting attention, and am pretty good at it
i hate fake girls: i guarantee if you tak about me, i find out every time
manchester united is my favorite soccer team and alan smith is my favorite player
i love running, and ill do it for hours just to let off steam
i also love dance, and miss it more than anything
little kids are so cute, and someday i want to have a lot of them
i want to be a personal fashion consultant when i get older
i love cuddling
christmas is my favorite time of the year
i like the feeling of cool grass on bare feet
i ?love the ocean and know how to surf
i am terrified to snowboard but i really want to learn
i love driving with my cousin with rap music blaring
i am very very girly
i love atv-ing
i love my life
and i love you<3