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Bring me closer... [entries|friends|calendar]
can you blame me for being vain?

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[26 Aug 2007|10:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]

heyy bitches

i know it sbeen like, 45378 years since i last posted
bullet point updates!
- ive been partying every night of summer
- i have had 3 bfs since i last posted but am now single
- i am 17 (for those keeping track)
- i have been crazy busy
- i <333 my life
- read my profile for anything else i guess

its sooooo good to write in here again girls

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shitty day [18 Jan 2007|04:07am]
i love my boyfriend.

i had a bad day. like, a day where you arent ready for your 2 huge tests even though you studied, and you're freaking out all day about a presentation you have 8th hour. And of course, on this terribly shitty day, your piece of shit sschool computers arent working properly so for about 20 mins you think that your whole presentation isnt going to work (dont worry, it did). And on top of all this, i seroiusly feel like im losing my group of friends (if you can even call them that anymore) i dont know what to do annymore, i felt like breaking down all day. i reached that point where there doesnt even seem to be a point in responding to what people are saying. i mean, i did (haha). but i was very near my breaking point today. and what does matt do? he comes over, kisses me, and pulls out a chia tea from starbucks from behind his back (my fav drink ever). i almost cried cause hes so perfect. and i was like "this is exactly what i needed matt i had a terrible day" and he hugged me and was like "lets talk about it"

i would go crazy without him
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Friends Only! [09 Jan 2005|05:56pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

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comment and maybe ill add you
<3 ali

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